South of England Neurosciences Association

SENA Bursary

We are pleased to announce that up to two bursaries of £500 will be available each year. In recognition of their contribution, trainees who present a 'registrar' case at the SENA meeting will be entitled to apply for a bursary towards the cost of participating at a national or international meeting for education and/or research purposes. Trainees will be eligible to apply for up to two years after presenting at a SENA meeting but can only be awarded a bursary once. There will be two deadlines each year, occurring one month after each SENA meeting and the upcoming deadline following the Spring meeting is 31st May 2024. Applicants will be informed whether they have been successful or not within 8 weeks of each deadline.

In order to apply, applicants should submit an abstract of the work they intend to present and a Word document with font size of 11 and word limit of 500 words including the following information:

  1. Details of the meeting and your intended contribution (e.g. poster, platform presentation)
  2. Why your work is important and what it adds to current knowledge
  3. What your personal contribution has been to the work
  4. How you will feed your work back to others (e.g. colleagues, the public) after the meeting
  5. Expected costs of the meeting, and the reasons for seeking the bursary. Please include whether you have approached other sources for funding and if the meeting providers cover any expenses.

Please send the above via email to [email protected]. Applications will be scored by the SENA committee based on the above criteria. Applications which do not comply with the above requirements will not be considered. Successful applicants will be required to provide a 250-word minimum report within one month of the conference to be published on the SENA website.



2023 - date: Dr Lina Nashef
2019 - 2023: Prof Raad Shakir CBE
2013 - 2019: Dr Thomas Britton
2009 - 2013: Dr Russell Lane
2000 - 2009: Dr Michael O'Brian
1995 - 2000: Dr John Rees
1990 - 1995: Dr Pauline Monro
1985 - 1990: Dr Lee Illis
1984 - 1985: Dr John Rees


2018 - date: Dr Christopher Carswell
2009 - 2018: Dr William Gibb
1999 - 2009: Dr Paul Hughes
1995 - 1999: Dr Philip Barnes
1992 - 1995: Dr Christopher Clough
1985 - 1992: Dr John Rees


2018 - date: Dr Romi Saha
2018 - 2020: Dr Julia Aram
2012: Dr Ashwin Pinto
1995: Professor Graham Holder 
1985: Dr Simon Nurick 


Chairman Bursary Committee

1995-2007: Professor Richard Hughes