South of England Neurosciences Association

Encouraging professional contacts between clinicians and clinical neuroscientists in the South and South East of England for educational and didactic activities.

SENA Meetings

Next Meeting

Autumn 2024 - King's College Hospital @ Goodenough College, London WC1N 2AB [Friday, 11 October 2024]

Future Meetings

Spring 2025 University Hospitals Sussex
Autumn 2025 St. George's Hospital
Spring 2026 Royal London Hospital
Autumn 2026 Oxford
Spring 2027 NHNN
Autumn 2027 Imperial College Hospitals


Previous Meetings

2024 Royal Free Hosptal (April 26th)
2023 University Hospital Southampton (October 6th)
2023 Imperial College Hospitals (April 21st 2023) [Hybrid]
2022 NHNN (September 16th) [Hybrid]
2022 The Royal London (April 22nd) [Hybrid]
2021 Oxford (Worcester College, September 17th) [Hybrid]
2021 St George's Hospital (April 23rd) [Webinar]
2020 Brighton (Hurstwood Park Neurological Centre, October 23rd) [1st SENA Webinar]
2020 Spring meeting cancelled due to Covid pandemic
2019 Southampton (University Hospital Southampton, October 11th)
2019 King's College Hospital (King's College Hospital, April)
2018 Charing Cross Hospital (W12 Conference Centre, October 19th) – 65th meeting
2018 Oxford (Worcester College, March 16th)
2017 St George's Hospital (Atkinson Morley Wing, October 6th)
2017 Brighton (Hurstwood Park Neurological Centre, March 31st)
2016 Southampton (University Hospital Southampton, October 7th)
2016 King's College Hospital (King's College Hospital April 22nd)
2015 Charing Cross Hospital (Charing Cross, October 16th)
2015 Oxford (St John's College, March 6th)
2014 St George's Hospital (Atkinson Morley Wing, October 10th)
2014 Hurstwood Park Neurological Centre (University of Sussex Conference Centre, April 4th)
2013 Southampton (University Hospital Southampton, October 11th)
2013 King's College Hospital (King's College Hospital, April 26th)
2012 Charing Cross Hospital (Hammersmith Hospital, October 19th)
2012 Oxford (St John's College, May 4th)
2011 St George's Hospital (Michael Heron Lecture Theatre, December 2nd)
2011 Charing Cross Hospital (Hammersmith Hospital, October 19th)
2010 Southampton, 25th Anniversary (De Vere Grand Harbour Hotel, October 8th)
2009 King's College Hospital (King's, Guy's, St Thomas's Hospitals, 11th December)
2009 Charing Cross Hospital (Barnes Wetlands Centre, May 8th)
2008 Oxford (Shillingford Bridge Hotel, Wallingford, June 27th)
2007 Hurstwood Park (Ockenden Manor, May 11th) and St George's Hospital (December 7th)
2006 Southampton (Chilworth Manor, December 8th)
2005 Joint meeting with SWENA (June 9-10th) and King's (December 16th)
2004 St George's (May 21st) and Charing Cross (December 3rd)
2003 Oxford (May 9th) and Hurstwood Park (November 21st)
2002 Southampton (June 28th) and King's College Hospital (November 29th)
2001 Hurstwood Park (May 18th) and Charing Cross Hospital (December 14th)
2000 Southampton (May 19th) and Oxford (November 24th)
1999 Charing Cross and King's College Hospital
1998 Hurstwood Park and Atkinson Morley Hospital
1997 Oxford and Guys Hospital
1996 King's College Hospital and Southampton
1995 Atkinson Morley Hospital and Hurstwood Park Neurological Centre
1994 Exeter and Oxford
1993 Guys Hospital and Southampton
1992 Dublin and King's
1991 Hurstwood Park Neurological Centre and Guildford
1990 Brook Hospital and Oxford
1989 Exeter and Guys Hospital
1988 Southampton and King's College Hospital
1987 Brighton and Guildford
1986 Oxford and Guys Hospital
1985 (Autumn) Atkinson Morley Hospital
1985 (March) Southampton

Previous Meeting Programmes

April 2024 Royal Free Hospital

Neurology of the Ebola outbreak Dr Rebecca Liu
Neuro-Hepatology Dr Jane Macnaughtan
Advances in diagnosis and treatment of amyloid Prof Julian Gilmore
Update on spasticity management Dr Ann Donnelly
Development of new approaches to disease management in Parkinson's Prof. Tony Schapira
Early diagnosis of Parkinson's and Parkinson's Plus conditions Prof. Huw Morris
Novel Treatments in Alzheimer's disease Dr Jon Kennedy
Debate: This house believes that consultant neurologists should be managing acute neurology in the emergency department Dr Ben Turner and Dr Adrian Wills
The pandemic and the post-pandemic future of the NHS Prof. Steve Powis
National Medical Director of NHS England
Winners of registrar presentations

1st: Dr Weijia Zhang (St. George's Hospital)

2nd: Dr Jonathan Best (King's College Hospital)


October 2023 Southampton

Unusual neuropathies, practical tips Dr Haider Katifi
An overview of cranial dural arteriovenous fistulas: lessons from the CONDOR consortium Prof. Diederik Bulters
Multiple Sclerosis: Practical tips for the general neurology clinic Dr Julian Furby
Research updates in Wessex Neurological Centre Prof. Chris Kipps
Epilepsy treatment updates and MHRA latest Dr Lucy Kinton
Management pathway for Atypical Parkinsonian syndromes Dr Boyd Ghosh
Stroke guidelines update Dr Richard Marigold
Plasma Exchange in Neurological disorders; Setting up a service Dr Chinar Osman
Winners of registrar presentations

1st: Dr Albert Joseph (The Royal London Hospital)

2nd: Dr Sunjay Parmar (The Royal Free)


April 2023 Imperial

Investigating infections when the immunity is altered ( by drugs) Dr Nicholas Davies
Traumatic vestibular disorders Dr Barry Seemungal
Minder: A digital platform to support the health and care needs of people living with dementia Prof. David Sharp
A pragmatic approach to NPH management Dr Chris Carswell
Stroke after thrombectomy? Stroke Pearls Dr Harri Jenkins
Spinal Surgery - when should neurology refer a patient with back pain? Mr Christian Ulbricht
Neuro-obstetric MDTs Dr Jo Girling
Management of Epilepsy in Pregnancy – Lessons from MBRRACE Dr Pooja Dassan
OCT for neurologists Ms Rashmi Akshikar
How to train neurology SpRs in 2023 Dr Rebecca Redwood
Is it Lymphoma? Dr Luke Dixon
Judgement Day Dr Angus Kennedy
Winners of registrar presentations

1st: Dr Richard Rees (St. George's Hospital)

2nd: Dr Ben McLoughlin (The Royal London Hospital)


September 2022 NHNN

CAA – Field Guide for the Practising Neurologist Prof. David Werring
Myasthenia Gravis - Whaty Has Changed? Dr Jennifer Spillane
Novel Treatments in POEMS and Lymphomatous Neuropathy Prof. Mike Lunn
Covid – the QS Experience Dr Michael Zandi

Debate – Advice and guidance should replace general neurology clinics
For the Motion:
Against the Motion:

Chair: Dr Zhaleh Khaleeli
Dr Krista Farrell
Dr Ross Nortley

Clinicopathological Conference Dr Wallace Brownlee
Dr Aisling Carr

Advances in Clinical Neuroscience

  • Professor Jon Rohrer: Edging closer to therapies for frontotemporal dementia
  • Dr Laura Benjamin: HIV and cerebrovascular disease - why, what and how?
  • Dr Jalesh Panicker: MR imaging of the Lumbosacral spinal cord and clinical applications
  • Professor Sonia Gandhi: Resolving Parkinson's: from patients to cells and back again
  • Professor Parashkev Nachev: Real and artificial intelligence in neurology

Chair: Prof. Sonia Gandhi


Diagnosing MS and its mimics Dr Wallace Brownlee
Winners of registrar presentations

1st: Dr Mohammad Mahmud (Imperial College London)

Joint 2nd:
Dr Pawel Obrocki (Royal Free Hospital)
Dr Paul Zeun (University Hospital Southampton)


April 2022 The Royal London

Brain injury in cardiac arrest: winning hearts and minds Dr Nikos Gorgoraptis
Mitochondrial disease and genetic epilepsies Dr Olivia Poole
The need for equitable treatment in MS Dr Ruth Dobson
Clinical approach to primary progressive aphasia Dr Charles Marshall
MND mimics and chameleons  Dr Apeksha Shah
Inflammation in epilepsy Britta Wandschneider
'Doctor, is Parkinson's genetic?' What do we know and is it changing our practice? Dr Alastair Noyce
The Holistic Management of MS: treating MS beyond DMTs Prof. Gavin Giovannoni
Winners of registrar presentations

1st: Dr Liam Carroll (Southampton)

2nd: Dr Rana Alsukni (King's College)


September 2021 Oxford

Prodromal Parkinson's disease: where are we? Prof. Michele Hu
Epilepsy during the COVID pandemic - some personal musings Prof. Arjune Sen
Antibodies and muscle dysfunction Prof. Angela Vincent
Autoantibody-mediated encephalitis Prof. Sarosh Irani
Not always chronic, inflammatory or demyelinating - nodal antibodies in immune-mediated neuropathies Prof. Simon Rinaldi
Small vessel disease - just white dots 'commensurate with age' or treatable disease?
Prof. Alastair Webb
Clinical diagnosis of transient ischaemic attacks Prof. Peter Rothwell
Genetic testing in MND – Practicalities and Pitfalls Dr Alexander Thompson
Winners of registrar presentations

1st: Dr Thomas Barber (Oxford University)

2nd: Dr Gargi Banerjee (NHNN)


April 2021 - St. George's

Advances in Stroke Imaging/Information processing Dr Anthony Pereira
Cases that have changed my practice/didn't go as planned Dr Jan Coebergh
Spinal Muscular Atrophy: From Genetics to Treatment Dr Clare Galtrey
Tics and Functional tics: what is the difference and does it matter?
Prof. Mark Edwards
Neurosurgery for pain – from movement disorders to stroke to cancer to spinal cord injury Mr Erlick Pereira
MS immunosuppression in the age of COVID Dr Waqar Rashid
Winners of registrar presentations

1st: Dr Aravindhan Baheerathan (Imperial)

2nd: Dr Anthony Khoo (NHNN)




October 2020 Brighton

Understanding disease dynamics in MND: A (Quite) Big Data Approach Dr Matt Gabel, MND Association Fellow and Professor Nigel Leigh, BSMS
10 lessons I have learnt as a DGH epilepsy lead Dr Julia Aram
Delivering Neuropsychology remotely: Challenges and Caveats Dr Stuart Anderson
In with the new: the changing environment of Alzheimer's disease diagnosis Dr Dennis Chan
Neuroimaging biomarkers in multiple sclerosis Professor Marco Bozzali
Consciousness and the Brain Dr Angus Nisbet
Chiari Malformation & syringomyelia- who to investigate and refer, and when to operate Mr Mansoor Foroughi
Movement disorders video session Dr Romi Saha
Winners of registrar presentations

Joint 1st:
Dr Rhia Ghosh (NHNN)
Dr Jemima Hutton (Brighton & Hurstwood Park)

2nd: Dr Laura Midgely (KSS)


October 2019 Southampton

How to Rise to the Challenge of the New Genetics

Dr Jemeen Sreedharan and Dr Nicola Foulds
My approach to acute weakness Dr Wojtek Rakowicz
Neurological complications of the new oncological treatments Professor Ioannis Karydis
SAH research in Southampton Mr Diederik Bulters
The Salisbury Poisonings Dr Boyd Ghosh
Mental Health in Neurological disease Dr Ana Miorelli
Aging and the Nervous System Dr David Jarrett
Stroke in Ethiopia Dr Martin Prevett
Clnico-Pathological Conference Dr Luke Massey
Winners of registrar presentations

1st: Dr Laura Midgley (KSS)

2nd: Dr Dariush Ahrabian (King's College Hospital)


April 2019 King's College Hospital

New Therapies for Migraine Professor Peter Goadsby
Gene Therapy for ALS and FTD: Are We There yet? Professor Chris Shaw
Brain networks in genetic generalised epilepsy Professor Mark Richardson
Diagnosing and Managing Tic Disorders Dr Jeremy Stern
An Update on Deep Brain Stimulation Dr Michael Samuel
A fresh look: Nonconvulsive status vs EEG reactivity Dr Franz Brunnhuber
Recent advances in neuro-oncology Professor Keyoumars Ashkan
Clinicopathological Case Presentation Dr Cathy Ellis
Winners of registrar presentations

1st: Dr Puja Mehta (King's College Hospital)

2nd: Dr Janath Vahani (St George's Hospital)


October 2018 Charing Cross Hospital

The pros and cons of MR guided focused ultrasound treatment of tremor Dr Peter Bain
Towards stratified medicine after TBI Professor David Sharp
Amyloid PET imaging in dementia Dr Richard Perry
HTLV-1 associated neuro-inflammation: who, where and why Professor Graham Taylor
Novel repair and regenerative strategies for paralysis Professor Simone DiGiovanni
MS in pregnancy Dr Pooja Dassan
Stem cells and MS Professor Richard Nicholas
Bawa-Gaba and beyond: hope or despair Dr Jenny Vaughan
Winners of registrar presentations

1st: Dr Mo Mahmud (Hurstwood Park Neurological Centre)

2nd: Dr Louisa Kent (Oxford)


March 2018 Oxford

Congenital myasthenia gravis for the general neurologist Professor David Beeson
Statins and muscle problems Dr David Hilton-Jones
Prodromal Parkinson's disease Professor Michele Hu
The changing face of the MND clinic Professor Martin Turner
When the spark goes out Professor Masud Husain
The intersection of Alzheimer's disease and epilepsy Professor Arjune Sen
Antibody mediated epilepsies Professor Sarosh Irani
The importance of simple clinical innovation in neurology and neuroscience Professor Peter Rothwell
Winners of registrar presentations

1st: Dr Oliver Cousins (King's College Hospital)

2nd: Dr Amy Ross Russell (WNC)


October 2017 St George's Hospital

Management of acute severe spinal cord injury Professor Marios Papadopolous
Managing epilepsy when you can't stop the seizures Professor Hannah Cock
Update on thrombolysis Dr Anthony Periera
TBI and neurospychiatry - how should it be done Dr Mike Dilley
Focus on emerging MS treatments Dr Camilla Blain
A hyperacute neurology team - transforming emergency neurology in Croydon Dr Arani Nitkunen
Winners of registrar presentations

1st : Dr Catherine Slattery (Charing Cross Hospital)

2nd: Dr Louisa Kent (Oxford)


March 2017 Brighton

MIROCALS trial Professor Nigel Leigh
Neuroimaging: a powerful tool for translational research in neurology Dr Marco Bozzali
Is cognitive rest the best medicine for mild TBI? Dr Stuart Anderson
Never tire in the pursuit to understand fatigue in MS Dr Iulia Bogdan
Normal pressure hydrocephalus Dr Jonathan Knibb
VOMIT Mr Mansoor Foroughi
HIV for neurologists Dr Jaime Vera
Measuring consciousness Dr Adam Barrett
MRI and goodbye - no longer an option in management of MS Dr Leonora Fisniku
Winners of registrar presentations

1st: Dr Catherine Slattery (Charing Cross Hospital)

Joint 2nd:
Dr Andrew Barritt (Hurstwood Park NC)
Dr Maryam Talaei (WNC)


October 2016 Southampton

Snapshot of 27 having venous sinus stenting at WNC Dr Chinar Osman
5 year experience of endovascular management of IIH at WNC Dr Jason Macdonald
Imaging in PSP and atypical parkinsonian syndromes Dr Luke Massey
Defusing neurovascular 'time bombs' Dr Jonathan Duffill
New avenues in the treatment of inclusion body myositis Dr Adrian Miller
Stem cells for traumatic brain injury Mr Aminul Ahmed
A different kind of EVD Dr Tim Nicholson Roberts
The Future of the NHS: Wrexit? Professor Raymond Tallis
Sjogren's syndrome and the neurologist Dr Brian Davidson
Basilar artery thrombosis Dr Nic Weir
15 year neuropathology follow-up of the first clinical trial of A? immunisation for Alzheimer's disease Professor James Nicoll
Spectrum of neuromyelitis optica and MOG disease Dr Joanna Kitley
Stimulating epilepsy Dr Sean Slaght
Winners of registrar presentations

1st: Dr Neil Graham (St Mary's Hospital)

2nd: Dr Ara Varatharaj (Wessex Neurological Centre)


April 2016 King's College Hospital

Gene testing in MND : when, how and what does it mean Professor Chris Shaw
Low grade tumour Professor Safa Al-Sarraj, Professor A Ashkan, Dr Lucy Brazil
Nerves, lumps and the pursuit of beauty Professor Rosalie Ferner
A smorgasbord of neuroradiological diagnoses Dr Asif Mazumdar, Dr Thomasin Andrews
Endovascular stroke treatment: an update Dr Thomas Booth
Hyperacute neurology – the King's experience Dr Kuveen Moodley
AEDs and pregnancy Dr Lina Nashef
Medico-legal issues in neurosciences Dr Paul Riordan-Eva
Winners of registrar presentations

1st: Dr Alexander Foulkes (GSTT/ KCH)

2nd: Dr Andrew Barritt (Hurstwood Park NC)


October 2015 Charing Cross Hospital

Big data for neurology research Professor Paul Matthews
Traumatic brain injury and risk of neurodegenerative disease Professor David Sharp
Acute vertigo - is it a stroke? Professor Adolfo Bronstein
Will we ever be able to treat Alzheimer's disease Dr Richard Perry
800 years of Mediterranean neurology Dr Raad Shakir
HIV neurology Dr Nicholas Davies
Brain tumour imaging Dr Adam Waldman
Spatial neglect and impaired attention following stroke Dr Paresh Malhotra
Management of myasthenia gravis in pregnancy Professor Catherine Nelson-Piercy
Winners of registrar presentations

1st: Dr Chia-Hui Lim (WNC)

2nd: Dr Alastair Webb (Oxford)


March 2015 Oxford

Stroke prevention; making best use of existing treatments Professor Peter Rothwell
Patent foramen ovale in neurology Dr Ursula Schulz
Parkinson's Research Update, Oxford Parkinson's disease centre Dr Michele Hu
Ten things that you might not have known about MND Dr Martin Turner
Disorders of motivation, apathy and impulsivity Professor Masud Husain
MS risk sharing scheme Dr Jacqui Palace
Autoantibody-mediated neurological diseases in adults and children Professor Angela Vincent
Neurological autoimmune disease in the elderly Dr Isabel Leite
Winners of registrar presentations

1st: Dr Chen Zhongbo (KCH)

2nd: Dr Anisha Doshi (Hurstwood Park NC)


October 2014 St George's Hospital

Stroke research update Dr Tom Barrick
Endovascular stroke treatment Dr Jeremy Madigan
Neurology and infectious disease plenary session Dr Paul Hart, Dr Tihana Bicanic, Dr Catherine Cosgrove, Dr Angela Houston, Prof Tom Harrison, Prof Derek Macallan
Musical Hallucinosis – listening to the brain Dr Jan Coeberg
The Neuroradiology of white matter disease Dr Andrew McKinnon
Modern treatment of status epilepticus Dr Hannah Cock
Depression in neurology – who cares? Dr Niruj Agrawal
Winner of registrar presentation Dr Chinar Osman (Wessex Neurological Centre)


April 2014 Hurstwood Park Neurological Centre

Facial onset sensory and motor neuropathy Professor Nigel Leigh
Clinical spectrum of Parkinson's plus disorders Dr Jonathan Knibb
Neuropsychological perspective on exaggerated cognitive deficit Dr Stuart Anderson
An approach to the "I": case off IIH in the non-obese Dr Sarah Cooper
Epilepsy and diffuse low grade glioma Dr Julia Aram, Mr Sorin Bucur
Recent developments in the management of high grade glioma Mr Giles Critchley
Movement disorders video session Dr Mirdhu Wickremaratchi, Dr Romi Saha
Winner of registrar presentation Dr Adrian Miller (Charing Cross Hospital)


October 2013 Southampton General Hospital

The role of ultrasound in neurosurgical practice Mr Aabir Chakraborty
What a neurologist should know about neurofibromatoses and von Hippel-Lindau disease Professor Diana Eccles
Simultaneous EEG and fMRI Dr Daniel Konn
An update on endovascular stenting for venogenic idiopathic intracranial hypertension Dr Jason Macdonald
New PCR techniques in diagnosis Dr Helmut Schuster
Statins, muscle and a new disease Dr Simon Hammans
Mimics of cerebral palsy Dr Katharine Forrest
Failure of perivascular drainage of interstitial fluid and pathogenesis of neurological conditions? Dr Roxanna Carare
Use and abuse of the serum CK Dr Wojtek Rakowicz
Therapeutic approaches in progressive MS Dr Julian Furby
Antibiotics for back pain; which patients? Mr Ali Nader-Sepahi
The effects of dopamine agonists Dr William Gibb
Epidural blood patch treatment of intracranial hypotension Dr John Hell
Two cases of dementia Dr Dennis Chan and Professor James Nicoll
Osteoporosis: steroids and more Dr Nick Harvey


April 2013 King's College Hospital

Building a molecular map of MND Professor Chris Shaw
The King's sarcoid experience Dr Peter Brex
Update on neuro-oncology Mr K Ashkan
Brain networks in epilepsy Professor Mark Richardson
Don't forget the retina Professor Graham Holder
Neurology, education and Palestine Dr Lina Nashef
SpR presentations Dr V Singh-Curry, Dr R Morris, Dr K Moodley, Dr N Karsan, Dr R Nortley
Neurology, cardiac and autonomic dysfunction Dr Shane Delamont
How to interpret MR diffusion images of the brain Dr Jo Jarosz
Movement disorder videos Dr Naheed Khan, Professor Ray Chaudhuri


October 2012 Charing Cross Hospital

Clinically isolated syndromes: an update

Dr Omar Malik
New drugs for multiple sclerosis Dr Richard Nicholas
New frontiers in MS treatment: bone marrow transplantation Dr Paulo Muraro
Imaging in Parkinson's disease Professor David Brooks
Tremor: diagnosis and management for the general neurologist Dr Peter Bain
Dizziness: a practical approach Professor Adolpho Bronstein
Advances from research, neurootology Dr Barry Seemungal
Spinal injury Miss Fiona Arnold
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) Dr Mark Wilson
TBI: Advances in pathophysiological understanding Professor Martyn Boutelle
TBI: Advances from imaging Professor David Sharp


May 2012 Oxford

Near-future CNS Imaging Techniques Professor Heidi Johansen-Berg
Signal to Noise, Are Randomised Trials Necessary? Professor Tipu Aziz
Trigeminal neurogenic inflammation and traumatic brain swelling; lessons from migraine Dr Waney Squier
Unravelling the complexities of migraine Dr Zam Cader
Immune-mediated epilepsy syndromes: recognition and treatment Drs Jane Adcock and Camilla Buckley
Neuromyelitis optica and Devic's disease Dr Jackie Palace
The state of play in stroke prevention Professor Peter Rothwell
Motor neuron disease: new genes, new models, new hope? Professor Kevin Talbot
PD Discovery Programme Dr Michele Hu
Vit D and MS Pathogenesis Professor George Ebers
CPC Four groups, neurologists and neurosurgeons; 2 short cases - isolated CNS angiitis, B cell intravascular lymphoma


December 2012  St George's Hospital

Update on interventional neuroradiology including intra arterial stroke prevention Dr Andrew Clifton
The clinical and genetic spectrum of the progressive myoclonic epilepsies Dr Salah Omer
Have I learnt anything useful trying to teach neurology? Dr Frederick Schon
Prognosis for adults with cerebral palsy and perinatal acquired neurological conditions Dr Bridget MacDonald
From poison to treatment – the contribution of botulinum toxin to neurology in the last 25 years Dr Marie-Helene Marion
Travel broadens the mind Mr Henry Marsh
Stroke Genetics - an update Professor Hugh Markus
Connected speech abnormalities in AD and MCD Dr Peter Garrard
An unusual case of "dementia" Dr Jeremy Isaacs
Spectrum of myofibrillar myopathy Dr Niran Nirmalananthan


May 2011 Hurstwood Park Neurological Centre

Measuring consciousness Dr A Seth
The mind's eye Professor C Kennard
The future of UK neurology services Dr S Pollock
New anti-epilepsy therapies Dr T von Oertzen
Hereditary distal myopathies Dr F Norwood
Update in MRI methods Dr T Good
Neurodegenerative disorders: past, present and future Professor N Leigh
Skull base anatomy Mr S Bucur
Developing stereotactic radiotheraphy services Mr P Whitfield
Developing a trauma service Mr D Petersen


October 2010 Southampton

Congenital myasthenic syndromes presenting in adults Dr G Burke
Treatable inherited metabolic diseases in adult neurology Dr Y Rahman
Endovascular management of idiopathic intracranial hypertension Dr J Macdonald
PFO – a review of the confusing evidence Dr N Weir
Complications of minor head injury Mr A Belli
Vanishing white matter disease Dr W Gibb
Eating epilepsy Dr S Slaght
Neurophysiology of critical illness myopathy Dr D Allen
New approaches to managing trigeminal neuralgia Mr G Vajramani
An approach to cognitive assessment in clinic Dr C Kipps
Videos: Fits and Starts Dr L Kinton and Dr A Manson
Who to screen and managing the asymptomatic aneurysm Mr J Duffill
Advances in management of dural fistulae Dr J Millar
Topographical memory in early Alzheimer's disease Dr G Pengas
Update on MS for the non specialist Dr C Halfpenny
Common problems in diagnosis and management of cerebral TB Dr G Thwaites
Three healthcare systems Professor G Ebers


November 2009 King's College Hospital

Therapeutic options in advanced PD Dr M Samuel
Shunt malfunction for physicians Mr S Bassi
Neuromodulation for pain Mr K Ashkan
Update of management of idiopathic intracranial hypertension Mr P Riordan Eva
Functional imaging of deafferented limbs Mr T Carlstedt
Update on driving regulations Dr J Morgan
The future of neurology services Dr S Pollock
Autoantibiotics in neurological disease Dr N Moran
Don't forget the retina Professor G Holder
Imaging in acute stroke Dr J Jarosz
Management of tics Dr J Moriarty


May 2009 Charing Cross Hospital

Multiple Sclerosis treatment Dr R Nicholas
Inflammatory neuropathies Professor M Dalakis
Migraine Dr R Lane
Epilepsy and pregnancy Dr A Everitt
Thrombolysis Dr H Jenkins
PD/Dystonia mechanisms Dr S Farmer
Frontal lobe dementias Dr R Perry
Imaging amyloid Professor D Brookes


June 2008 Oxford

Neuroradiological findings in systemic disorders Dr P Pretorius
Practical issues in stroke management Professor A Buchan
Tractography insights into recovery from stroke Dr R Bosnell
Risk sharing scheme for DMTs in multiple sclerosis Dr J Palace
DBS for intractable chronic cluster headache Dr P Davies
Another treatment for chronic cluster headache Dr C Fursdon Davis
Aquaporin 4 antibodies in Devic's disease Professor A Vincent
Circadian rhythms in neurology Professor R Foster


December 2007 St George's Hospital

Advances in the use of MRS in management of gliomas Dr F Howe
Axons and acid – the bitter end in MS Surg Cdr M Craner
Management of acute problems in movement disorders  
Lessons learned with duodopa infusions in PD Dr MH Marion
Update in Tourette's syndrome Professor M Robertson
Clinicopathological conference