hosted by The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery (NHNN)

Local SENA representative: Dr Richard Sylvester

Venue: Goodenough College

London House, Mecklenburgh Square, London. WC1N 2AB

For enquiries e-mail [email protected]

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Timings and speakers subject to change

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0930 - 0940 Opening Address [10 mins]
Prof. Raad Shakir
0940 – 1010 CAA – Field Guide for the Practising Neurologist [30 mins]
Prof. David Werring
1010 – 1040 Myasthenia Gravis - What Has Changed? [30 mins]
Dr Jennifer Spillane
1040 – 1110 Coffee break [30 mins] + Sponsor presentations
1110 – 1140 Novel Treatments in POEMS and Lymphomatous Neuropathy [30 mins]
Prof. Mike Lunn
1140 – 1210 Covid – the QS Experience [30 mins]
Dr Michael Zandi
1210 – 1230

1210 - 1230 [20 mins]

1230 – 1330

Lunch Break [60 mins] + Sponsor presentations

1330 – 1410

Debate – Advice and guidance should replace general neurology clinics   [40 mins]
Chair: Dr Zhaleh Khaleeli

For the Motion: Dr Krista Farrell
Against the Motion: Dr Ross Nortley

1410 – 1440

CPC (Clinicopathological Conference)  [30 mins]
Chair Dr Wallace Brownlee and Dr Aisling Carr

1440 – 1600

Advances in Clinical Neuroscience [5 x 15 mins]
Chair: Prof. Sonia Gandhi


  • Professor Jon Rohrer: Edging closer to therapies for frontotemporal dementia
  • Dr Laura Benjamin: HIV and cerebrovascular disease - why, what and how?
  • Dr Jalesh Panicker: MR imaging of the Lumbosacral spinal cord and clinical applications
  • Professor Sonia Gandhi: Resolving Parkinson's: from patients to cells and back again
  • Professor Parashkev Nachev: Real and artificial intelligence in neurology
1600 – 1630 Coffee break [30 mins] + Sponsor presentations
1630 – 1700 Diagnosing MS and its mimics [30 mins]
Dr Wallace Brownlee
1700 – 1820 Registrar Case Presentations
7 minutes presentation + 2 minutes Q & A per centre
~1820 SpR Results & Closing Remarks
1930 SENA Dinner
[Subject to separate registration]

There are limited places available for the dinner which is being held at the XXXX ⧉ (subject to change). Please register your interest in attending the social dinner by email to [email protected].

N.B. The social dinner for clinicians and speakers is not funded by sponsors and is paid by the attendee. Sponsors are of course welcome to register.


If you would like to learn more about sponsoring the SENA meeting, please contact Dr Chris Carswell, SENA Honorary Secretary, at [email protected].

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  • St. George's Hospital

Sponsoring companies provide financial support for this meeting through an unrestricted grant or sponsorship but have no involvement in the meeting organisation, agenda, speaker selection, or content outside of their own sponsor presentation that is shown during the coffee and lunch breaks.

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